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About us

Sophisticated and refined furniture pieces "Mobvaro-M" have entered the top of the preferences of thousands of customers who appreciate style, quality, but also good taste. A brand with more than a decade of tradition, the "Mobvaro-M" brand, adjusts to the season's trends, meeting the requirements of an ever-growing portfolio of customers.
The "Mobvaro-M" brand started its activity in February 2001, at the initiative of Valeriu Benderschi, founder and director of the company. For several years he has managed to become a leader in the domestic market in the production and sale of furniture, offering both luxury furniture products and affordable products to the buyer at an optimum price. He has always been tempted to be the first in his field, perfecting and continuously renewing products in line with current year-to-year applications, becoming a creator of trust, a long-running partner and a long- the dreadful competitor.
The company "Mobvaro-M" SRL offers over 1500 models of an amazing palette of 50 shades that find the recipients of both the economy class and the luxury class. Production "Mobvaro-M" excels through a range of modular furniture designed for living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, so that any space can be optimally arranged. Various sizes, wide range of colors and, last but not least, prices tailored to the furniture configurations, recommend us to be the ideal partner in the arrangement of any home. In addition, buyers do not care for transport or assembly because the company offers you this favorable opportunity.
Our goals have always been to be an importer, but also a furniture maker and mattresses to incorporate our values ​​and innovations, to be organized and able to keep up with the novelties and demands of the market. Strongly anchored in this philosophy, we will continue to offer you the most ingenious fitting solutions, with special attention and deep respect for our customers.
"Mobvaro-M" SRL opted for the formula: "A good product wins its customers quickly and confidently," and for more receptivity, the company has turned to radio and television advertising.

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Sincerely, Company "MOBVARO-M" SRL