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Payment method

   Payment with bank card

   Do you want to buy furniture safely and efficiently? With the card you can buy all the products displayed on our site, including those that are on special offers, but also on stock liquidation. All you have to do after adding the product to your shopping cart is to choose Payments - Pay with a bank card and fill the free fields as much as possible. The payment system is secured to the highest standards, including 3D Secure. To complete the order, you must tick: "I agree to the Site's Terms of Trade." Receipt of goods is possible only after confirmation of payment by the bank within 48 hours. The company "Mobvaro-M"  reserves the right to make delivery after this period. If the payment has not been confirmed, you must contact the bank serving you to clarify the transaction.
For more information, please call at. phone: (022) 023 006.

Bank transfer

   Payment by payment order is also known as bank transfer payment, which is based on the proforma invoice issued by the company "Mobvaro-M" SRL following the confirmation by e-mail of the order with a sales consultant.
The bank transfer will indicate the customer's code indicated by “Mobvaro-M” SRL on the proforma invoice and the order number. If your bank transfer does not show the information listed, please provide proof of payment with the information indicated at the following e-mail address:
The buyer will only receive the merchandise after the payment has been confirmed.


Cash payment

   Cash payment can be made only in national currency (lei). At the moment when the team Mobvaro is at the place of delivery of the goods, as confirmation we issue a cash receipt.


Granting credit

    We know the importance of comfortable and practical furniture. Its availability makes any convenient and attractive space. Do you like furniture products, but do not have the money to buy them? It is not a problem, because together with "Mobvaro-M" SRL, in the most advantageous conditions for you and in the shortest time you will be able to purchase furniture in credit.
   After adding the product to your shopping cart, all you have to do is fill in the application form as fully as possible and attach a copy of your ID card, then choose the credit term and the monthly payment of your loan will be automatically calculated in dependence on your chosen company. To complete the order, you must tick: "I agree to the Site's Terms of Trade." The lending agency will confirm your request and the contract is signed when the order is delivered.
For more information, please call at. phone: (022) 023 006.